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For Parents

Tools & Advice 

The "Bully" Discussion and Action Guide for Parents

Created in collaboration with the makers of the 2012 documentary, "Bully," this guide serves as a tool to help parents begin a discussion with their children about the consequences of bullying.  Click here to download this guide.  To find out more about the subject, go to .

Protecting Your Child's Mental Health:  What Can Parents Do?

The Jed Foundation has compiled important tips for parents with children transitioning into or attending college. Click here to download this guide.


Be Vocal Speak Up for Mental Health

We are excited to partner on #BeVocalSpeakUp with Demi Lovato, DBSA, NAMI, MHA, the National Council and Sunovion. Watch Demi share her story and learn how you can make a difference for mental health HERE.

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