Only 20% of students say they would seek help at their counseling center.

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The responsibility for student mental health once rested solely on the shoulders of the counseling center.  While providing effective treatment for emotional problems is critical, it isn’t enough. Many students still suffer in silence, never getting the help they need. For most, this means missing out on academic and social opportunities. For some, this suffering can have tragic consequences. Sadly, approximately 1,100 college students die by suicide each year.

But there is a safety net. The Jed Foundation works with university leaders and professionals to prioritize campus-wide prevention and intervention strategies, and advise on best-practice mental health policies, programs and services. With help from organizations like The Jed Foundation, the cultural shift – from a treatment-only to a broader public health model – is happening at colleges all across the country.

What’s happening on your campus? How can you get involved? This site is a good place to start. You will find information on our programs, key research and recommendations, upcoming conferences and events, and other resources campus professionals need to help make good decisions about student mental health and well-being.


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