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Emotional Health 101 Video

The Half of Us campaign ( was launched in 2006 by The Jed Foundation and mtvU, MTV’s 24 hour college television network, to improve emotional health and prevent suicide among college students.  Since then,  The Peabody Award-winning campaign has developed powerful Public Service Announcements (PSAs), as well as candid celebrity, student and expert interviews to help de-stigmatize mental health, encourage young people to seek out ways to improve their state of mind, and connect students to the appropriate resources to get help. 

Given how challenging it can be for campuses to start a conversation with students on the topic of mental health, these assets have been compiled into an engaging five minute video, Emotional Health 101, which gives an overview of the struggles students commonly face and encourages viewers to seek on-campus support if they need it.  This video can be used by faculty, staff and student groups to help introduce the importance of emotional health and help-seeking through orientation, student events or other programming.

The video can be viewed below or streamed online at .  It can also be downloaded in QuickTime, Windows Media and Flash Video format.  If you’d like to download the video, please email for details, using the subject line “Emotional Health 101.”  We’re also happy to help you access the video in another format if needed.