Suicide is a leading cause of death among college students, and it's preventable.

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All of us have a vested interest in protecting the emotional health of America's 20 million college students. 

The impact of mental health problems and suicide reaches across cultures, demographics and geography.

The Jed Foundation has made great strides in decreasing prejudice around mental illness, encouraging help-seeking among young people and  strengthening the mental health safety net on our college campuses – but there is still so much to be done. Your support is critical as we work to ensure everyone has a chance to graduate and that no more young lives are derailed by treatable mental health problems or preventable tragedies.

How You Can Help:

Know the Facts
Sound mental health is fundamental to the health and well being of our youth and our nation as a whole. Learn more about mental health, suicide prevention, and how to help yourself or a friend.

Become an Advocate
Your voice matters. Whether it’s speaking up for a friend, hosting a fundraising event or pushing politiicans for policy change, you can exert an extraordinary influence on the lives of others. View our current advocacy action items.

Put Your Money to Work
College students dealing with mental health issues are struggling. Your financial support ensures that, together with their parents and university, they can respond to emotional challenges and fully lead lives of promise and possibility. Make a tax-deductible donation now.

Companies can also help, by providing matching gifts, sponsoring events, or underwriting the development of new programs for use by thousands of schools across the country. To make a financial contribution to a new or existing Jed Foundation program, please contact us.

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