Body Image/Food Issues 101

Understanding Body Image and Food Issues

Many of us struggle with body image and food issues. This can stem from messages we receive at a young age that dictate how we should feel about our body and can result in negative body image and eating disorders. These two things are often inextricably linked, with negative body image causing an intense focus on body weight and shape. Because of this, people with a negative body image are at risk of developing an unhealthy relationship to food or an eating disorder, prioritizing weight loss over health and wellness.

Managing Body Image and Food Issues

It’s perfectly normal to sometimes feel good about our body, and feel not-so-good about it other times. This ebb and flow is natural and these feelings or judgments about our body shouldn’t affect our ability to value ourselves. It might seem impossible, but a good first step in managing how we feel about our body image is to learn more about body positivity and body neutrality. Typically food issues are more concerning, so early intervention for someone who’s struggling is best. The good news is there are many things we can do to get help.

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