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Culturally Relevant Mental Health Resources

JED is committed to providing current information about culturally responsive support for the diverse populations of young people we serve. These resources will be curated and updated regularly.

Equity in Mental Health Framework: A Framework of Recommendations for Colleges and Universities to Support the Mental Health of Students of Color

The Equity in Mental Health Framework provides colleges and universities with a free tool to help inform and strengthen their mental health support and programs for students of color. The accompanying Toolkit offers additional support in implementing the Framework’s recommendations including supporting campus-based efforts to reduce shame and prejudice around mental illness, increasing responsiveness, improving campus climate, and providing system wide opportunities to help all students thrive. Both the Framework and Toolkit were created in partnership by The Steve Fund and The Jed Foundation (JED).

JED’s Comprehensive Approach: Integrating the Equity in Mental Health Framework

One of JED’s first priorities as an organization was to create a model for campus suicide prevention. In 2004, the “Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention for Colleges and Universities” was created with the Suicide Prevention Resource Center and a panel of advisers and researchers. In 2017, JED built upon its Comprehensive Approach by developing the Equity in Mental Health Framework (EMHF) with The Steve Fund to provide recommendations and implementation strategies to help colleges and universities better support the mental health of students of color. In this webinar,  Dr. Sofia Pertuz (Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer) and Lee Swain (Director of JED Campus) will share more about the EMHF and how JED has integrated these recommendations into the Comprehensive Approach. Practical applications for incorporating mental health initiatives with an eye toward inclusion of diverse students will be discussed. 

With Space in Mind: Considering Physical and “Safe” Spaces in Promoting Student Emotional Health and Well-being

What happens when college and university campuses utilize an equity-minded framework and public health approach to develop spaces on campus that promote emotional health and wellbeing?  In this webinar, Dr. Sofia Pertuz (Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, JED) will interview Dr. David Jones (Chief Diversity Officer & Director of Talent Management, William Paterson University) and Andre Banerjee (Landscape Designer, Active Minds Emerging Scholars Fellowship) to discuss the importance of how considering “space” – both physically and mentally – and other campus efforts can support the mental health of all students on campus.


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The World Health Organization defines “mental health” “as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” In using this definition, S2i recognizes that some mental health challenges reflect brain diseases that, like physical diseases, require appropriate stigma-free and patient-centered care and include both mental health and substance use disorders. Other mental health challenges stem from social conditions and marginalization and require different forms of interventions.