Our videos, podcasts, and webinars feature inspiring mental health stories, mental health and suicide prevention resources, and tips around reaching out for help and checking in with friends and loved ones.

JED Voices
Our JED Voices video series features celebrities who talk about what mental health means to them. Sharing these stories can be a powerful way to inspire young adults to be proactive about their mental health.

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JED Storytellers
JED Storytellers share their personal experiences and show us just how powerful our stories can be in reducing shame, prejudice, and secrecy. Through their stories, we find compassion and inspiration and the understanding that there is hope. There is help.

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Seize The Awkward
Seize the Awkward focuses on the idea that while it may feel a little difficult or awkward to speak to your friend about your concerns about them, if you accept the feeling as natural, you can move past the awkwardness and start a helpful/meaningful conversation. This message is shared through a series of videos featuring celebrities like Noah Cyrus who have reached out for help when they needed it.

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A Message from John MacPhee, executive director and CEO of The Jed Foundation (JED)
A major public health concern like COVID-19 can cause feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. For resources and tips on managing your mental health during this time, please visit JED’s COVID-19 Resource Guide and our COVID-19 Tips and Updates page.

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Could be Better, tbh
In this podcast, host Stacy London has candid conversations with celebrities and influencers about their mental health issues, ranging from anxiety to PTSD to suicidal ideation. They also break down how to get help while sharing accessible ways to improve your mental health.

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Givers: The Podcast of Phil & Co
Cliff Sloan sits with JED’s Executive Director and CEO, John MacPhee and JED Storyteller, Brett Epstein. In this episode, learn how JED is preparing school’s to prevent mental health crises and encourage young adults to ‘Seize the Awkward’. Brett discusses his own experiences with depression as a college student and how JED helped him with recovery.

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Wed & Woke
Chief Programs & Operations Officer Katie Cunningham discusses how JED is preparing students for the transition from high school to college, protecting emotional health, and preventing suicide.

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Careers Unfiltered
Erica Riba, Director of Higher Education and Student Engagement at The Jed Foundation, discusses how her work has been impacted by COVID-19 along with tips and resources for students who are navigating through this time.

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Managing Stress During Distance Learning – How Faculty Can Support Their Students
As colleges and universities navigate the constantly evolving changes in response to COVID-19, we recognize that there is much stress and anxiety that instructors need to manage whether they were already teaching online or were recently required to shift to online modes of content delivery for students. In this webinar, JED’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Sofia B. Pertuz, Ph.D. moderated a panel of experts on how faculty can provide support for their students during distance learning while keeping in mind the needs of particularly vulnerable student populations.

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Parenting During the Pandemic: Challenges, Strategies, and Tips for Empowering Families of Teens
Due to COVID-19, families of teens have quickly shifted from in person to remote learning environments unexpectedly. JED offers this webinar to share expert strategies and advice for managing stress and helping caregivers help themselves and their children during this challenging time. We recognize that the situation is changing daily and modifications to our approaches may need to be made.

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Young Adult Mental Health and Suicide Prevention – Meeting Them Where They Are
This webinar focused on young adults and their unique mental health needs, including: an overview of data related to the mental health needs & suicide rates among young adults; and interventions and other resources designed for the young adult population. Special considerations for connecting with young people during the COVID-19 pandemic were also discussed. Presenters: Kerri Nickerson, LCSW, MPH, Director of Grantee and State Initiatives, Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC), Education Development Center, Inc.; Sara Gorman, Director of High School Programming, The Jed Foundation.

Campus Mental Health in the COVID-19 Era
In this American College Health Association (ACHA) webinar, Nance Roy, EdD, Chief Clinical Officer at The Jed Foundation speaks about applying JED’s Comprehensive Approach during the pandemic.

Best Practices for Supporting the Mental Health of Fraternity and Sorority Members
In this EVERFI webinar, JED Campus Advisor, Erica Riba L.C.S.W, discusses supporting the mental health of Greek life students, with an added focus on COVID-19 response and support.

The Dimensions of Personality
Join John Oldham, MD, MS, as he shares information about what defines personality, the differences between personality styles and disorders, optimal personality functioning, and information on a tool, the New Personality Self-Portrait 25 (NPSP25), that you can use with students to help them discover their own personality structure.

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Protecting Children During a Crisis
In this Darkness to Light webinar, JED Senior Advisor Janis Whitlock MPH, Ph.D discusses protecting children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Conversation on Teen Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic
In this webinar, Victor Schwartz M.D. discusses mental health and the impact of COVID-19 and answers questions from parents of congregation Rodeph Sholom.

Prioritizing Well-Being: Mental Health Strategies for Teachers and Students
In this EVERFI webinar, experts from the EVERFI team and Nance Roy, EdD, Chief Clinical Officer at The Jed Foundation, explore activities and strategies around mental well-being that can be used in the classroom or virtually, as well as provide tips and tricks for educator self-care.

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320 Festival
Diana Cusumano L.M.H.C., N.C.C., Director of JED Campus & Wellness Initiatives, participated in a panel for the 320 Festival, an online event created to provide resources and bring awareness to the importance of mental health. See Diana’s session at the 4:50 mark.

Empathy and Care Online: Strategies for Higher Education Leaders
As campuses increase virtual communications to convey important messaging and updates regarding critical moments such as those experienced during COVID-19, the use of the right tone in social media has become essential. How can social media be used in a way that shows authentic empathy that demonstrates care for its members? This webinar will feature a panel of subject matter experts and college and university leaders who share strategies and tips for leveraging social media channels to reach out to their campus communities.

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