Sharing Stories to Help Others Know They Are Not Alone

JED Storytellers share their personal experiences and show us just how powerful our stories can be in reducing shame, prejudice, and secrecy. Through their stories, we find compassion and inspiration and the understanding that there is hope. There is help.

Lisa Hao – I felt so vulnerable and so alone and so afraid

Cameron Boyer –  I felt like it was my duty to be the hero

Will Lippincott – It was a flight to the end of the world

DeAnthony Hardison – I didn’t feel worthy enough

Bella Roberts – Nobody in my community talked about mental health

Enna Selmanovic – How I define myself

Manya Chylinski – Why would anybody want to hear my story?

Glenn Speer – A veteran shares his story of survival

These JED Storytellers show us that when we share our experiences with others, we help to create a supportive community where each person is inspired to, as Lisa says, ‘Choose hope. Choose life.’

We hope you’ll watch these videos and share with others. For more JED Storyteller videos, visit our YouTube playlist.