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The Jed Foundation Partners with the Bob Woodruff Foundation to Support Student Veterans

February 2, 2009

Bob and Lee Woodruff, co-authors of the bestselling book In An Instant and founders of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, spoke at a special event for over 65 friends and supporters of The Jed Foundation on January 28th.

John Powers, Aubrey Arcangel, Bob Woodruff, Don Gomez and Jonas Fields at The Jed Foundation cocktail reception

The cocktail reception was an opportunity to celebrate The Jed Foundation’s successes of 2008 and to present new initiatives for 2009, including two programs funded by the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which supports projects that heal the physical and psychological wounds of war. After being injured by a roadside bomb while on assignment in Iraq for ABC News, Bob Woodruff returned to the airwaves and has become a leading advocate for those who have suffered physical and mental injuries in combat. In addition to being a national spokesperson for families dealing with the aftermath of war, Lee Woodruff contributes to Good Morning America and reports on home and family topics for numerous publications. Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff presented their foundation’s partnership with The Jed Foundation, their experience with Mr. Woodruff’s brain injury, and their commitment to helping veterans.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation and The Jed Foundation will partner on two new programs focused on student veterans in 2009. The first program is a series of PSAs and new web content that will help civilian students understand the transition from combat to college, and demonstrate how they can support their veteran peers. It will launch in March on the Half of Us campaign, The Jed Foundation’s on-air and online partnership with mtvU. The second program is an online training tool for campus professionals that will educate them about the unique challenges veterans face, the types of mental health problems that are most common in this population, and the role they can play in ensuring student veterans have a healthy, productive college experience. This training tool is targeted for launch later this year.

The Jed Foundation was honored to have in attendance a group of veterans who have been pivotal in helping plan these programs. Executive Director of Student Veterans of America John Powers was joined by three of that organization’s members – Don Gomez, Jonas Fields and Aubrey Arcangel.

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